AAA-A and Ponja call for emerging scholars to apply for the position of Fellows for the PWI project. Fellows will receive an honorarium for a one-year fellowship / contract (January – December 2021). Payment of $2,500 per Fellow will be made in two installments (upon completion of 5 500-plus-word entries for each installment).

Duties of Fellows are as follows: = Responsible for researching, editing, and writing multiple entries on Wiki for artists / collectives / movements from a curated list provided by PWI Editorial Committee; = Responsible for 10 entries per year with a minimum of 500 words each

We will select 5 to 10 scholars based on the below requirements.

General requirements: = Graduate students and college seniors in university; = New graduates (with bachelor/master/doctoral degrees) within three years may also apply, although priority will be given to current students; = Major in Art History, Japan Studies, 20th Century Studies, or Asian Studies; = Japanese language a plus, but not necessary; = Extensive research and writing skills

Some past examples created under the auspices of AAA-A/AAA/M+ edit-a-thons include: Firenze Lai; Fang Zhaoling; Nancy Atakan. You can find an extensive list here.

Interested applicants, please send the following materials: = Name / e-mail address / Current location or postal address; = Status (Graduate / Senior in Undergraduate, etc.); = 250-word statement of intent; = Short sample Wiki intro text consisting of the first few paragraphs that typically appear in a Wiki entry of an artist/group/movement of your choice that is not currently in Wiki (you don’t have to make an actual Wiki entry; just send us a “mock” entry).

Interested applicants are encourage to join or observe an Exhibition History Wiki-thon co-hosted by AAA-A and Ponja on November 21 (announcement to be made), although participation is optional.

Application deadline: November 25, 2020

Mail to

If any question, please contact